Wood Services

The Blue Vision Company is dedicated to making only the highest quality furniture available. Still using old school craftsmanship and the love of natural timbers, together with today's technology we can create a unique, bespoke solution for any room in your customers home. Many of our customers are still enjoying the lasting durability of our quality cabinet construction long after similar products have expired. For over 10 years. Simply let our products and our service speak for themselves. Hand Crafted Furniture Specialists
Trade supply only for 100% support to stockists
Transparent pricing
All suppliers are welcome to visit the factory & even bring your clients Own label exclusive service,Bespoke size and design specialists,Making hand crafted furniture for over 10 years.

As the demand from the market increases, Blue Vision is committed to providing open converged Ethernet/IP networks which enables data, voice, and video to share the same infrastructure and enable enterprise to deploy a single, secure and scalable network that supports both wired and wireless access to business resources..