Stainless Steel Services

By providing the “Total Package,” Blue Vision can assist their customers throughout every step of the construction process.
Engineering services include connection and building design. All shop drawings are produced in coordination with other trades through Building Information Modeling (BIM) and with 3D-model technology, ensuring proper field fit-up. In addition to structural steel, Steel Service can also provide miscellaneous metals. Fabricated and painted in the same plant as the structural steel, our customers purchase a consistent high quality, coordinated product.
Installation can be provided for all of our products. On large projects, or when requested, on-site project management is provided to ensure you with quick responses to ever-changing construction schedules and to provide you with the personal contact you deserve. Pre-Construction Budgeting, Design Build and Value Engineering services are also available to assist you in establishing a sound budget and completing the project within budget.

commercial iron that contains carbon in any amount up to about 1.7 percent as an essential alloying constituent, is malleable when under suitable conditions, and is distinguished from cast iron by its malleability and lower carbon content

Any of various modified forms of iron, artificially produced, having a carbon content less than that of pig iron and more than that of wrought iron, and having qualities of hardness, elasticity, and strength varying according to composition and heat treatment: generally categorized as having a high, medium, or low-carbon content.