Security & Safety

Blue Vision will showcase performing arts and create a world class theater quarter in a spacious parkland setting. It will become part of Kuwait’s vision for new national cultural district. Blue Vision is deploying advanced security and safety systems to protect this divinely inspired architectural feat. With road blockers and gate barriers as the first line of defense, the whole campus of 7 buildings is monitored by more than 1400 cameras from 5 high-end control rooms. In addition to that, our Fire Alarm, Access Control, Guard Tour, and Key Management systems further ensure the security & safety on the campus.

Hostile Vehicle Migitation

Blue Vision is the leading turnkey Fire, Security, Communication & Audio-Video Solutions Company in Kuwait. The company has been at the forefront of technological development since its inception three decades ago. With its business activities focusing on specialised turnkey solutions, SSS has its reputation built on high-end product quality, reliability and after sales support. SSS handles projects as turnkey solutions covering systems design, detailed engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a wide-range of systems.

Screening Systems

Blue Vision anticipates the unique needs of each application and provides X-ray solutions for the most difficult baggage and parcel inspection environments. Security solutions for aviation incorporate automated explosives detection for higher throughput at checkpoints. Our rugged, weatherproof X-ray screening products provide inclusive environment screening for military, stadiums, and event security. Our highly mobile, visually unobtrusive products provide checkpoint screening for hotels and cruise lines. In addition, Blue Vision provides training and advanced technologies to complement our X-ray screening products and provide comprehensive security solutions for now and into the future.

Access Control & Time Attendance

Blue Vision Time Attendance/Access Control door controllers are the brain of this revolutionary biometric system. This fingerprint access control system allows only authorized users that are on the premises, and it registers both their entry and exit times. If you want a time and attendance management system that offers superb reliability, this system is unmatched. The door controllers come in numerous models, with various interface options and advanced connectivity to meet your needs. They are designed with high-quality standards in mind, to address the current and future attendance monitoring needs of companies large and small.

Guard Tour Systems

A guard tour system is a system used to help companies and organizations to organize, log and execute guard tours and patrols in their assets ensuring that the officers will accomplish their tasks within the predefined time intervals. There is a wide variety of guard tour systems, which can be divided in two major categories: Wand guard tour systems based on handheld devices and cloud guard tour systems based on modern mobile and cloud technology. Blue Vision systems provide a means to check and record the time that a guard executes his guard tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned on the area he patrols. Checkpoints are placed in certain points either on buildings or on other locations of a site or remote area and help the managing staff to identify each different location and each portion of a specific territory. The on-site officers can scan checkpoints, send SOS alerts, track and record events and conduct and send reports to the managing staff or the clients, even in real-time.

Intrusion detection

To accurately detect network intrusions and compromising attempts, Above Security deploys a security appliance in your environment powered by our Us. The system is constantly updated with the latest information about new and emerging threats, allowing it to automatically detect the latest and most sophisticated types of attacks in real time. Our team of security experts then sorts through the alerts, focusing only on real threats to your critical assets, removing that burden from your IT team and providing them with a clear plan of action through our incident response management platform.

Physical Security & Integrated Management Systems

Blue Vision provide a full range of protective security services. This includes: security management, communications and tracking, personal security details, mobile security and static guards, training, convoy escorts, as well as all the necessary support for all projects. We incorporate technical security into our solutions taking into consideration both cost efficiency and the right technology fit for the situation. We can action these services anywhere in the world.

Video Analytics & Facial Recognition

Blue video surveillance solutions offer analytics such as Facial Surveillance, Advanced Object Tracking, License Plate Recognition, Dwell and Loitering, People Counting, Queue Management Analysis, and Demographics. Our analytics program works with IP, analog and megapixel cameras and is tightly integrated with data and search, which means no separate hardware is needed and results are ready immediately. You can easily download video analytics and activate with license keys to run the software on your VR video security system - even a year after you've purchased a VR system.