Lighting Services

Blue Vision is dedicated to providing the most effective lighting and controls solutions for your project. Whether your job consists of a single family home or a large commercial building Blue Vision can assist in your lighting design and service your needs. Representing over 70 lighting and controls manufactures, Blue Vision utilizes internal resources as well as the manufacturer’s capabilities to develop the perfect result. Blue Vision is owned and operated by well-trained lighting and controls sales people with a combined experience over 10 years. Our quotations and project management staff consists of experienced lighting personnel. We develop budget-based results while not sacrificing quality. Designing energy efficient and long life-cycle products provides lower operating and maintenance for years to come.

Picking a lighting fixture might seem like a standard task, but today’s options make this once-easy decision more complicated. Depending on the room you're lighting up you'll have to decide between a few options: pendant or chandelier? Track light or wall sconce? Cabinet or recessed lights? No matter how mundane it seems, picking the right light fixtures is important, so consider all the options below before taking your next lighting plunge.

Your choice of home lighting fixtures is much more complex than choosing the right finish to match your decor. You’ll want to make sure the lights you purchase are not only stylish, but functional for the space you plan to use them in. For example, while pendants may sound visually appealing in the kitchen, consider how much light they actually provide and whether you need to combine multiple types of light fixtures to achieve optimal brightness for the tasks at hand.