we have provided information technology support and services for the worldwide communications and network systems. Blue Vision support emerging communications systems in Europe to dynamic state-of-the-art communications systems in remote and hostile locations in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have demonstrated our capacity to effectively operate, maintain, supply, staff, sustain, and modernize a wide array of communications systems.

Converged Network Solutions

Highly qualified, knowledgeable and certified engineers across different specializations meet customers'expectations during the implementation phase, provide adequate on-site support and deliver technical trainings. CNS provides networking services such as: - Structured Cabling- Switching and Routing- Wireless solution- IP Telephony- Video Conferencing- Network Security- Network Optimization

Unified Communications & Video Conferencing

Integrating video conferencing with unified communications enables users to initiate video connections through presence, much like they do with instant messaging. This tip explains how to integrate video with unified communications with examples based on Microsoft Office Communications Server. Learn about the implications of making signaling work with OCS, account management work with Active Directory and scheduling work with Exchange, as well as considerations for approaching a video/unified communications integration project.

Wireless Infrastructure

Blue Vision infrastructure enables those vital connections we all rely on in a wireless world – whether personal or business, public or private. We build better infrastructure that’s designed to be shared by everyone, from national mobile companies and emergency services through to the many smaller networks that serve to connect us – from utility workers as they repair storm-damaged power lines, to ferries operating across the Western Isles. Independent infrastructure, open to all networks, means more connections and better coverage, wherever you are.

Network security

You know the high cost of having your company's network breached. Breaches cause unhappy customers, loss of revenue, compliance penalties and could generate damaging press coverage.
Achieve 24/7 network security with Blue VIsion.
Your team at Blue VisionS can help you establish security systems, updates and monitoring that protects your data around the clock