Broadcasting Systems

Blue Vision provides complete turn key broadcasting systems solutions for encoding and decoding, distribution, monitoring, and archiving of analog & digital audio and video content to a dispersed audience via radio, television, satellite, or other mediums.

DAB & DVB-T Video & audio transport encoders, decoders, multiplexers….etc Signal processing, routing, & distribution Multi-viewers with or without measurements Transmitters & receivers DSNG IP-TV Loggers & archiving Automation Management systems Broadcasting systems have undergone significant changes over the years with AM and FM radio, analogue radio and PAL and SECAM TV giving way to digital transmissions. There are different types of broadcasting systems in Kuwait designed especially for home and media purposes. However, the telecom sector has also integrated these systems with their mobile networks to provide users with better telephony services. ACC offers complete turnkey broadcasting systems solutions for the encoding, distribution, and monitoring of analog & digital audio and video content.

Blue Vision has designed and implemented digital audio broadcast systems for a number of clients which includes Kuwait’s Ministry of Information. We are in a unique position to be able to present a full suite of industry standard products backed with full service and support by a well qualified and experienced team. Our turnkey integrated projects for digital broadcasting systems in Kuwait include everything from design and delivery to installation, commissioning, training, and support. Among the major types of broadcast systems in Kuwait are TELETEXT, which is used to relay information like weather and news. Amplitude broadcasting is used for worldwide broadcast services while FM Broadcasting is a system that delivers better quality audio signals than AM. Digital broadcast systems now allow for higher quality audio and visual services with multimedia capabilities. They are also used to navigate and monitor Kuwait roads through satellite signals. As a leader in broadcasting systems in Kuwait, we offer clients a complete package solution which includes full-scale designed and integrated systems, product sales and support. A lot of our business is from repeat customers who continue to choose ACC because of the highest standards of customer satisfaction that we adhere to. Regardless of how large or small a project, our team works seamlessly alongside every client to ensure that the highest standards are achieved.