Who we are

Blue Vision Solutions is proud to sponsor and supply the following companies' products. .

Blue Vision is incorporated with the latest standards and state-of-art technologies, in order to deliver cost effective solutions, that address the rapidly growing market.

Blue Vision has invested a lot in developing our engineering and support system. A wide range of resources and expertise have been made available to ensure all issues and technical problems can be attended and solved within the shortest time possible.

Our extensive experience in the deployment of large-scale projects and multivendor system integration guarantee a risk free delivery and highest quality maintenance and support. The project execution phase involves implementing plans created during the project-planning phase. While each plan is being executed, a series of management processes are undertaken to monitor and control the deliverables produced against acceptance criteria. Once all of the deliverables have been produced and our customer has accepted the final solution, the project is ready for closure.

Spares parts and stocks are maintained regularly to ensure that parts can be used immediately whenever required.

A solution is never complete without after sales support. It is crucial to provide enough support for ensuring the solution provided is always at its peak operational condition. Our experienced and well-trained personnel will always strive to give their best services. With a good relationship with our principles and partners, our customers can be assured that problems will be rectified and systems will be maintained to the highest level.